World renowned dancer and star of the groundbreaking iconic, hip-hop culture films Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Punking+Posing=Whacking & Locking pioneer, Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez is a specialty choreographer, a proven dance educator, a true pioneer in urban dance culture, and an unrivaled source of inspiration for dancers all over the world. A natural born performer, this hot-blooded Puerto Rican-Italian possesses an unparalleled love for dance and music. Love, passion and emotional spirit are three elements that define Ana “Lollipop" Sanchez.


      Ana "Lollipop" Sanchez

 Many remember seeing Ana for the first time in the movie Breakin'. Here she is pictured with co-stars & close friends Poppin' Pete and Poppin' Taco who were cast as the rival crew against the protagonists of the story. Many of the dancers in the film were also featured in the German documentary, Breakin' and Enterin', which followed the street dancers who congregated and practiced at the Radiotron, also depicted in the film. Ice-T, another Radiotron regular, landed a supporting role in the film as well, and became the first real "break" of his career.




Her parents were a constant inspiration being Salsa dancers this was Ana’s first style she encountered then soul dance moves from the mid 60’s also swing and two step from her brother on American Bandstand, Real Don Steel following with Soul Train in the 1970’s. Ana was not only passionate about learning the latest dance moves; she was determined to be one of the best that ever rocked the dance floor.


In the 1970’s Ana had the privilege of witnessing The Lockers for the first time and learned first-hand from all the original members of The Lockers along side other dance pioneers from Orange County like Deputy & Alpha and a plethora of Punking+Posing=Whacking originators for her were Tinker, Andrew, Arthur, Billy Starr, Billy Goodson for partner dancing, Viktor Manoel, and Michael Angelo with his music.


A string of high profiled television appearances soon followed, culminating in a co-series regular role featured Principle Lead dancer on NBC’s “The Big Show” as well as opening acts for many artists like the legendary Tina Turner.


All Ana's hard work & training with all the dancers she named above while adding her advancement to the styles took her passion to the next level and began her career as a specialty choreographer. She was given the honor of choreographing Toni Basil, whom she still works with today. Ana has also did specialty choreography for such stars as Bette Midler, Linda Ronstadt, Manhattan Transfer, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, fashion diva Norma Kamali, and soul songstress Chaka Khan, Toni Basil who she still works with. She was featured in Chaka Khan’s critically acclaimed video “I Feel for You”, and was featured in the musical "Goosebumps" directed, produced, and written by David Winters, one of the original West side story cast members. Featured in numerous national commercial roles followed including other movies such as "Salsa" was always a feature dancer in a string of videos. Recently Ana had a feature role in the popular Disney series “Zeke and Luther" and travels the globe Teaching, Demos & Judging events.


This is a shot Randy took at my workshop in Italy 2012 MC Hip Hop

With over 38 years of experience as a professional street dancer & teacher still going strong, she loves sharing her knowledge & personal history to help upcoming dancers all around the globe bring out the best they can be, A quote from one of her students: “Your Freedom in Dance Inspires me to Explore.”

July 25, 2017
                                                                                               With my Husband Randy









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